Hourly Design

Are you looking for a professional opinion from a designer but not sure how much help you need? Hourly design is perfect for any project, small or large, or for specific design issues and questions. We start with an initial consultation where you describe your needs, wants, ideas and budget. I share ideas on the spot and we can brainstorm solutions together. 

If you need more I can provide the following on an hourly basis: 

  • Furniture planning

  • Materials and finishes selection

  • Product sourcing

  • Styling, accessorizing and organizing

  • Fabric and paint color selection

  • Custom cabinet and built-in design

  • Design and fabrication of soft furnishings such as window treatments, bedding and pillows.


  • Initial Consultation - $150 for the first hour, $85 per hour for all subsequent time

Room Rx - Flat Fee Design

Have you already done some research? Do you have a general idea of how you want your space to look, but are not sure how to get started? Room Rx – Flat Fee Design is a great option for both local and long-distance clients. This value-added service is ideal for those who need a vision and a plan, like to do things themselves, know their budget and want a less formal approach to updating their rooms. I provide the design and sourcing (the value comes in that you are not paying for every hour I spend in that effort), you purchase the materials, furniture and accessories, then implement the changes on your own.

A Room Rx includes the following: 

  • An initial consultation, (up to one hour either in person or via Skype/ Facetime) where I learn more about your space, style, design goals, and challenges. An in-person meeting may include obtaining of room photos and measurements, long-distance clients will provide these with guidance from me.

  • Furniture Plan: A scale drawing of your new layout. No more worrying if that rug will fit or if the sofa's too big. All of that is taken into consideration.

  • A customized Design Concept board: A visual picture of my plan and how the overall look will come together.

  • A personal Pinterest board: A thorough list of clickable links to all recommended materials and pieces.

  • One revision to the Design Concept board. Design is a collaboration and your feedback is important to the process. So don’t worry if you’ve got a couple tweaks or changes.

  • Up to one hour of time for additional meetings, emails, texts and other communications regarding the Room Rx


  • Fee varies and is determined after the initial consultation and scope of the project is understood. The cost of the initial consultation is included in the Room Rx - Flat Fee

Full Service Design

Want to let go the reins and let me handle the details? Let’s work together to make your space amazing! I can help you transform your home at nearly every stage of the design process from concept to install.

Full Service Design can include some or all of the following:

  • Space planning and furniture plans

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels

  • Furniture, accessory and art selection

  • Color schemes, paint colors, finish selection

  • Custom cabinetry and built-in design and fabrication

  • Custom furniture design and production

  • Custom window treatments, pillows and bedding design and fabrication

  • Materials selection including lighting, plumbing fixtures, appliances and hardware

  • Purchasing, procurement and installation

  • Styling


  • Varies based on the scope of the project